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The Carrom Pool Mod apk is an excellent tool for anyone looking to improve their carom skills

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March 8, 2024


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What is Carrom Pool Mod ?

Carrom Pool Mod APK for Android is a unique and exciting game that has been gaining popularity among gamers of all ages. It combines the classic board game carrom with pool, making it an incredibly fun experience to play alone or with friends. The objective of this modded version is simple: use your finger as a cue stick in order to hit different colored pieces into pockets located around the table’s edge. With its easy-to-follow rules, intuitive controls, and colorful visuals – Carrom Pool Mod APK for Android will bring hours upon hours of entertainment!

Features of Carrom Pool Mod for Android

Carrom Pool Mod is an Android app that offers a range of exciting features to help you master the game of carrom. With its intuitive controls and realistic physics engine, it provides players with a highly immersive experience as they battle against their friends or AI opponents in classic matches or tournaments. The app also comes packed with various customization options such as board skins, rulesets and difficulty levels so users can tailor the game according to their preferences. Get ready for some intense action-packed fun when playing Carrom Pool Mod!

  • Easy and intuitive controls to play the game.
  • Single Player mode with three difficulty levels (Easy, Medium and Hard).
  • Multiplayer Mode – Play against your friends or random opponents online.
  • Online Leaderboards & Achievements – Compete with players around the world for high scores!
  • Multiple Game Modes – Classic Carrom Pool, Disc Pool & more!
  • Customize Your Board– Choose from different board designs like Woodgrain, Marble etc.


  • Intuitive Controls: Simple yet effective control system that makes playing a breeze on touch devices as well as physical controllers/gamepads.
  • Single-Player Mode: Three difficulty levels are available in single-player mode — easy, medium, and hard — so you can challenge yourself at any level of experience .
  • Multiplayer Mode: Test your skills by competing against other players online either locally or worldwide via leaderboard rankings .
  • Variety Of Games: Enjoy classic carom pool along with disc pool, bomb pot, 3 pocket billiards plus many custom boards such as Wooden grain marble effect.

Pros and Cons of Carrom Pool Mod :

  • Easy to learn and play
  • Free-to-play with no in-app purchases required
  • Fun, realistic physics engine that mimics real carrom board game dynamics
  • Variety of levels for different skill sets from beginner to advanced players
  • Online multiplayer mode is available so you can challenge friends or strangers around the world
  • Offline single-player mode also included if you prefer playing solo against AI opponents
  • Customizable rulesets allow users to customize their gaming experience
  • The app requires a lot of storage space.
  • It has limited levels and game modes available for play.
  • There are some bugs in the gameplay which can cause lag or crashes during intense gaming sessions.
  • Some users have reported that it is difficult to control the power shots accurately due to a lack of precision controls within the app itself.
  • Ads pop up frequently, making it annoying at times when playing with friends online

FAQs Regarding Carrom Pool Mod for android.

Carrom Pool Mod apk is a modified version of the popular carom pool game. It offers an enhanced gaming experience with improved graphics, new levels and extra features that make it more fun to play than ever before! This FAQ will provide answers to some common questions about this modded version of Carrom Pool so you can get started playing right away.

What is the Carrom Pool Mod Apk?

The Carrom Pool Mod Apk is a modified version of the popular carom game that allows players to enjoy an enhanced gaming experience with additional features, such as unlimited coins and gems, unlocked levels and characters, no ads or in-app purchases required for upgrades or items, improved graphics quality and more control over gameplay settings. It also includes various bug fixes which make it even more enjoyable than its original counterpart.

Does playing with this hacked version affect online rankings?

No – since all changes made are only done locally within one’s own copy there won’t be any impact upon global leaderboards nor other users who may not have access to these modifications due to their lack thereof installed devices thus enabling fair competition between everyone involved regardless whether they possess cheats enabled versions themselves too!


The Carrom Pool Mod apk is an excellent tool for anyone looking to improve their carom skills. It provides a realistic and challenging environment with various levels of difficulty that can be adjusted according to the user’s skill level. The game also has several exciting features such as different types of boards, power-ups, tournaments and online leaderboards which make it even more fun. With its easy controls and intuitive interface, this mod makes playing carom pool easier than ever before!